Lucký vrch is a crossway of signposted hiking tours. In the area of the boarding house there is a playground and a table for table-tennis. Swimming in the nearby pond. A new modern sports mall including tennis courts with artificial surface and a minigolf is in a 3 km distance. A new bowling hall in near Polička.

Fishing in neighbourhood. Possibility of paragliding, hang-gliding etc.


Signposted ways leading to Devět skal, Buchtův kopec, Tři Studně, Fryšava, Svratka, Milovy, Křižánky, Pasecká skála, Čtyři palice, Dráteničky and many more beautiful places of Žďárské vrchy.

Sports ground in Borová (2km)

Two tennis courts, volleyball field, playground, streetbal, minigolf, refreshment.


Milovský pond, roofed swimming pool in Polička, natural swimming pool in Borová and Budislav, pond in Pustá Rybná, Chalupy, Mladocov, Sebranice, Velké Dářko, Seč.

Winter sports

Cross-country skiing routes; ski tows in a 2 and 4 km distance, others in Polička and Svratka; ski tows with artificial snow in Karasín, Dalečín, Harusův kopec; skating stadium and roofed swimming pool in Polička.


Fishing permissions for sale; carps, tench, trout, pikes, perches etc.


Lucký vrch is optimal for paragliding and hang-gliding activities.

Traditional bicycle race „Uphill to Lucký vrch“

The long ascending hill with the vertical distance of 230 m, very favoured among cyclists, gave birth to a bicycle race, which, as the first race took place in 1974, we now may call „traditional“. On 14th September 2003 we had the honour to welcome 46 contestants – professionals as well as families with children. The contest was announced for the following categories:
– parents with children
– youth 12-16 years old
– elite 17-34 years old
– experienced 35-49 years old
– old-timers 50 – ? years old

The winners were awarded; nobody went away without a price – all competitors were invited to a good lunch. The race had class, and all contestants agreed to come again next year.

Therefore we would like to invite also you for the next year of our bicycle race which will take place in September 2004. If you wish to spend a nice sports weekend in nature, not to forget a glass of fine beer, you may book rooms or bungalows in advance. We are looking forward to your participation in the race!